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2016 8 Week Transformation Challenge Winners

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Here are the results for our 2016 8 week transformation challenge. Over the past 8 weeks 91 clients participated in our 8 week challenge to see who can drop the most body fat while gaining lean muscle. A lot of the NL members did extremely well, some used this as a spark to bigger things and some had a complete transformation. 

Here are the top 3 women and men in our challenge.

1st Place Womens 

Grace Gordon with 6.3% body fat lost


1st Place Mens

Marcus Arias losing 7.9% body fat and dropping 23.6 lbs

Marcus testimonial small

Both first place winners won a $300 Anderson Seafoods gift card, 2 diamond club Angels tickets and a $250 check from No Limit.

2nd Place Womens

Debbie Nichols lost 4.7% body fat


2nd Place Mens

Greg Pelachik lost 7.3% body fat and 28.4 lbs


3rd Place Womens

Kimberly Roe lost 4.1% body fat


3rd Place Mens

Bobby Ward lost 7.9% BF and dropped 29 lbs

Bobby Ward testimonial small

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