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5 Ways To Train At the End of Your Pregnancy

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Some women know that you can work out while pregnant, but still have a couple questions. How long should I be working out for? How intensely should I train? Well let’s break it down a bit…

Keep Strength Training!  

Keep strength training! Keep going as long as you are comfortable, but reduce the weight. The combination of lower weight and higher reps will still give you a challenge but it will be easier for your body to handle.

Reduce High Intensity Intervals

As you become more tired and or uncomfortable try and decrease your metabolic conditioning. If you are used to going in 5 times a week, reduce it to maybe 3 instead. This way you have more time to rest. Maybe even try to do your interval training right after your strength training in order to give yourself more rest days as well.

An Hour of Exercise, An Hour of Rest

Try to include more post exercise rest if you can!  Try not to wear yourself out doing a workout then doing lots of laundry and house chores immediately after. The resting can be a nap or sleeping or even walking to the park with your kids, but while they play you sit for a bit.

Keep Walking

If you are used to walking around 30-45 minutes a day and feeling discomfort after cut down your walking time. Try 15-20 minute walks split up during the day. This will help lower stress and its good movement for the pelvic joints.

Listen to Your Body

Be mindful of your body and how much activity you are putting it through. Post work out soreness is normal, but if you are tired and want to sleep for the rest of the day afterwards its time to switch things up! Pay attention to how long you are working out. Maybe reduce the time you work out or add in extra recovery exercises. Also pay attention to your exercises, Dead Lifts or Weighted Lunges may cause more stress on the pelvis. Try different variations of these exercises in order to not put too much stress on that area.


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