Anaheim Hills Boot Camp Trainer Shares Great Grains For Your Soup Recipe

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One of the best comfort foods that you should consider making if you’re also looking to lose weight is a hearty bowl of soup.

Soup is great during the cooler winter months and when prepared correctly, can be a very nutritious dish to add to your diet plan.

Soup comes in many different varieties, so you need to seek out one that’s vegetable based with a clear broth. Avoid creamy soups as these are simply too high in both fat and calories.

When most people think of the carbs in soups, they think about pasta, but there are plenty of great grain alternatives that you can use as well.

Let’s look at a few of the best grains for adding to your soup recipe.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a classic standby of any healthy eating plan and this grain works great in a bowl of soup as well. Brown rice provides a good amount of complex carbohydrates that will easily help fuel you through any workout session that you have planned.

If going for brown rice, be sure to choose the non-instant variety for best health promoting benefits.


Second, don’t overlook barley. Barley is also a great grain to include in your diet plan and is one of the richest sources of fiber out there.

Barley will help to stabilize your blood glucose levels very well and will also help to keep you feeling very satisfied after the meal.

It works great in vegetable based soups as well as a chicken or beef based soup, so plenty of options here.

Wild Rice

Finally, consider wild rice as well. Wild rice is another wholesome grain to include in your diet and has a slightly different texture and flavor compared with brown rice, so is good if you’re in need of a change of pace.

Wild rice does take slightly longer to prepare, so make sure that you adjust your cooking time accordingly.

So there you have three great grains to consider as you whip up your next batch of soup. Make sure that you do compliment these grains with plenty of vegetables so that you do keep the total carbohydrate count for the bowl of soup at a moderate level.

Once both of those ingredients are added in, get your lean source of protein in there – chicken, fish, or beef and you’ll be all set.

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