Anaheim Hills Boot Camp Trainer Shares Knee Pain Problem Causers To Know About

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If you suffer from knee pain, or you have in the past and are slightly fearful that you may start to suffer once again in the coming future, it helps to know which exercises are most likely to bring about knee pain so that you can clearly see which you should be avoiding, or treading very carefully with as you go about your workout program.

Knee pain is a very serious injury that can take you right out of the game, and furthermore, once it starts, you might find that it lingers around no matter what you do.

Knee pain can be hard to recover from, so you really need to make sure you’re taking preventive action.

Let’s look at a few of the top knee pain problem causers that you should be aware of.

Leg Extensions

Perhaps the exercise that is most likely to lead to knee pain is leg extensions. Since this is an isolation exercise targeting only the quad muscle, it’s going to place a high degree of strain on the knee cap itself.

If you are experiencing any sort of pain or inflammation in the tendons and ligaments surrounding your knee, make no mistake about it, this exercise is going to make it worse.

A leg extension should be avoided by all those currently suffering from knee pain.

Walking Lunges

Second, also be sure that you’re avoiding walking lunges as well.  Walking lunges, when done improperly, can cause a great deal of strain on the knee joint and could cause other injuries if you weren’t able to stay stabilized as well.

Walking lunges can be done by those with knee pain in some case as long as you are absolutely sure to perform them properly.

As you do them, make sure that the knee is moving over the toes at all times.  That’s critical to avoiding knee pain during this movement.


Finally, the last exercise to be careful about adding to your program plan if you suffer from knee pain is the squat.

Squats are great for strengthening the lower body, but if your knees move inwards or outwards as you do them, you’re asking for problems.

Make sure they move directly over the toes as well.

So there you have the three exercises that you may want to think twice about doing if you suffer from knee pain.  Be careful as this injury is an ugly one to be dealing with.

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