Anaheim Hills Boot Camps List Testosterone Boosters

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Here are some foods that can help boost your testosterone levels and are nice, easy snacks.

PEANUT BUTTER : Nuts are full of unsaturated fat, research has shown that men who have a higher intake of these fats have higher testosterone level. Nuts are a great source of protein as well as a great way to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Sun flower seeds are loaded with vitamin E which boosts testosterone levels. Sunflower seeds are probably the best source of vitamin E. But wait it gets better not only is it a great supply of vitamin E but sunflower seeds packed with proteins (muscle), fat, selenium and zinc, which help keep the body working more proficiently and help to promote muscle building hormones.

EGGS: One of the best sources of protein, and an easy, no hassle snack for everyone else looking to get extra protein. But also great for boosting testosterone. Eggs are full of zinc and are considered to be an essential ingredient to maintaining testosterone levels, according to the Journal of Urology. It logically follows that chicken breasts are also a great zinc / testosterone source.

BROCCOLI: Of course greens are good for you and broccoli perhaps tops the list. Broccoli diminishes estrogen levels which in turn makes testosterone more active in the body. If you are looking for that extra increase in testosterone try covering the broccoli in cheese sauce, the fats in cheese will enhance testosterone too.

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