Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer Gives 7 Great Ways To Incorporate Kale Into Your Diet

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Here are some great ways to start making kale part of you daily diet. They are quick and easy to make and of course delicious!

Kale Chips– Easy and quick preparation. A crispy salty treat is a great alternative for potato chips

 Kale Pesto – More flavorful than basil pesto, definitely should try on pizza, pasta, or in an omelet

Sauteed Kale– For a hearty side dish, this is a classic preparation. Great when you saute onions and garlic before adding the kale, a couple dashes of hot sauce for an added flavor.

Kale Quiche – You can substitute any spinach quiche with kale and it offers the same great taste with the added health benefits.

Kale Lasagna  – Perfect dish for when you need to make something ahead of time.

Kale Juice– If you own a juicer, kale is quite possibly the healthiest thing to juice. Mix it with apples, carrot and a little lemon for a drink that is better for you than liquid gold.

Kale Pizza –Try this great combination of sautéed kale, caramelized onions, strong white cheeses, and some crispy bacon.

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