Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer Monday Motivation 10/25/2010

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Hey, Sako here.

This video below got me thinking and I knew it was a must share. After watching it I sat down and wrote out what I want to do with my future, what my goals and plans were for my business and will later write them out for my personal life. I must say some of those are going to be a challenge and I was hesitant to write them down because I do set pretty high standards for myself only because I know if I write it down and say I'm going to do it I will do whatever it takes to get there.

I want to share with you one of the goals I have for the business because I know sharing it with everyone will make me work even harder in reaching it. My goal is to open a No Limit Personal Training facility by the first quarter of 2011. By doing that we can reach out to a greater amount of people, offer a variety of programs and provide people with the best services in Anaheim Hills.

After watching this video you can decide what you will do with your future. You have 1 of 2 choices.

1. You can just survive


2.You can choose to succeed

Its up to you to make it happen. I don't know what your decision will be but I chose to succeed and will take every step along the way to do it…I hope you will to.

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