Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer says There’s no Age Limit for Exercise

By June 13, 2010One Comment

Many seniors are interested in exercising, but have concerns about whether or not it is “too late” to get into shape. The answer is an emphatic no! In fact, exercising is one of the best ways to make you look and feel even younger.

Some of the exercises might be different, and you might have to take certain precautions when performing them, but you will have to do that at any age. No matter how old or young you are, you should always consult with a doctor and develop a workout routine that is right for you.

Exercises like walking and swimming are exceptionally good for all ages. There are also weight training routines that can be done, and cardio is essential for good health in general. Again, the key is to work with a doctor, or a personal trainer, on what is best for you. Everyone has different situations and fitness levels, so your body will respond better to a workout that is customized.

But don’t ever think that you are “too old” for anything. Life is not about numbers or years; it’s about living and what we do with those years. At our Anaheim Hills boot camps we have people of all ages. So don’t miss out on being in shape and feeling great!

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