Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer Talks Do’s and Don’ts of Alcohol

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If you’re seeking fat loss or muscle building results, one thing that you need to think very carefully about is your alcohol consumption.

Simply put, alcohol is going to take away from your progress. There is no two ways around this, there’s nothing that you can do to make drinking alcohol okay and not harmful. It is going to set you back – the question is how much will it do so.

If you’re smart in your approach, you can at least minimize the damage done so that if you do go out drinking on the odd night or two, it’s not going to completely derail your progress.

Let’s look at a few of the do’s and don’ts of alcohol consumption.

Do Alternate With Water

First, one of the smartest things that you can do is alternate your alcohol beverage with a glass of water. This will help to keep you better hydrated, thus reducing what can be most harmful about drinking – dehydration.

This will also help to speed down your rate of consumption, meaning you’ll drink less over the entire night.

Don’t Drink Before An Early Morning Workout

Second, make sure that you don’t go out for a night of drinking before you have an early morning workout planned.  Most people should realize this isn’t a wise move, but make sure that you really come to understand this.

Not only will that gym workout be less than optimal, but you could risk hurting yourself as well.

Do Choose Eat Some Protein Before

Moving along, before you start drinking, be sure that you have eaten something – preferably with protein.  This will slow down the rate of intoxication, and also help to prevent hunger from occurring and leading you to eat high calorie foods that are typically consumed when one’s drinking.

Eat a good meal about an hour before any party or event you’re attending.

Don’t Drink Mixed Beverages

Finally, avoid mixed beverages at all costs. These are the ones that will be highest in calorie and sugar content and will add up quickly. Drink too many of them and you will definitely be looking at some fat gain if this is done on a regular basis.

Stick to clear liquors mixed with light cranberry juice, water, or club soda.

So there you have the do’s and don’ts of drinking alcohol. Make sure you keep these in mind next time you’re out.

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