Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer Talks How To Strength Train After An Injury

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If you’ve been previously injured and are now just starting to get back into your strength training program, it’s imperative that you do so correctly so that you don’t find yourself injured once again.

Many people who do become injured during strength training activities find themselves re-injured again at some point due to not following proper protocols for beginning exercise once again.

If you aren’t careful, the chances of re-injury are going to be very high, so it’s vital that you understand what you should be doing.

Let’s go over the most important things to know and remember.

Don’t Rush The Process

First, make sure that you don’t rush the process of getting back in the first place. While it’s understandable you’d be antsy to get back into the gym, if you try and force it before your body is ready, you’re only asking for an injury to happen.

Make sure that you take the time you need to allow your body to recover fully.

Avoid Doing Too Much Too Soon

Second, also make sure that you avoid doing too much too soon.  While it’s great to be back, not if you overload your body and just get injured again. Take things slowly.

Start out with a light weight and add more weight from there if you really feel you’re capable of doing so.

Do not try and attempt to pick up right where you left off or you will definitely become injured again.

Assess What Caused The Injury

Finally, the last thing that you need to do to avoid becoming injured again and make a smooth transition back to your workouts is to assess what caused the injury in the first place.

Why did you become injured?

Unless you can pinpoint what caused the injury to occur and then make changes accordingly, your chances of re-injury are going to be incredibly high.

Always have a look at your program design as well as the form that you’re using as you go about the process to determine why you became injured and what you can do differently this time around.

If you do that you should be able to avoid becoming injured once again.

So keep these quick tips in mind. There’s no question that becoming injured is highly frustrating, but you do still need to be very wise should it occur.

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