Aubrey Shares Her Story

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Before I joined No Limit, I did a lot of random group training classes at different gyms throughout Orange County on ClassPass. For the most part, I thought I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle and was in good shape, but I realized I had no progress. 

I did not push myself in the group classes, and neither did the trainers, who never got to know me. I hid in the back of the classes and never grabbing any weights heavier than 15lb.  I realized my “healthy” eating habits lacked portion control, variety and natural foods. I realized I need to do something different in order to get results.

“I realized I need to do something different in order to get results.”

I decided to sign up for a Women’s Fitness Challenge hosted by the Orange County Sheriff Department as a fundraiser for law enforcement families.  I thought it would be a good motivation to start training harder.  At the time the workouts weren’t posted, but last year’s workouts looked like fun.  I just didn’t want to show up unprepared, so I decided to drop ClassPass and start going to one gym where I could get to know the trainers. 

I heard about No Limit through a friend and co-worker and started going to the group classes.  From the start, I noticed the difference in the family environment.  The trainers took the time to get to know me, know what I was capable of, and push me even more. Then the workouts for the competition were released and I knew I would need some serious help.


The first workout consisted of as many banded pull- ups as I could do, and at the time that was zero.  So I started training with Mellissa.

I remember sitting down and telling her my goals of being able to do pull-ups for the competition, which was 3 months away, and that I’ve never done a pull-up in my life.  Mellissa made it her mission to make me ready for the competition and able to do pull-ups.  The first attempt at pull-ups, I only had to do 4 banded ones, and I think we decided to switch to lat pull-downs because Mellissa (who is probably a foot shorter than me) had to physically push me up on the bar with the band to make it happen.  That was really eye opening.  But Mellissa didn’t give up on me, and didn’t let me give up on myself!  We did pull-ups and chin-ups consistently for 3 months, along with other strength training exercises to get ready for the completion. I ended up able to do 40 banded pull-ups for the competition with ease. 

“I ended up able to do 40 banded pull-ups for the competition with ease. “

A friend of mine who I did the competition with was shocked at how quickly I learned lifts like 135lb deadlifts, 95lb power clean squats, and 65lb hang cleans for one of the workouts, with having only learned the lifts a few times.  I truly credit my ability to do them to my training with Mellissa.  Her workout programs perfectly targeted all of the muscle groups I needed to do those lifts and she always got me to surprise myself with what I was capable of.  Not only did she get me ready for the competition, but she came to cheer me on and run me across the finish line. 

“After the three months of training for the competition, I lost 3% body fat, and gained muscle!”

After the three months of training for the competition, I lost 3% body fat, and gained muscle!  I immediately switched my 6 months of personal training to a full year and am so excited to continue training with Mellissa.  

The greatest challenge in my journey has been learning to trust the process.  I remember when Mellissa first gave me my macros, I was shocked, and little worried, about the amount of food I was supposed to eat.  I had always been a person that skipped breakfast and had a tiny meal for lunch and dinner.  Now I love to eat and feed my body what it needs! 

The body composition testing taught me a lot more about the number on the scale I had always been so afraid of.  I began to become so much more confident in that number and started to focus more on inches and body fat lost.

The new confidence that I have in myself, my improved posture, and just how much stronger and healthier I feel is what brings me back again and again and keeps me motivated.  The fact that my clothes fit a million times better is an added bonus!  I thought that would be what I cared about the most, but once I realized how great getting healthy and strong felt, I was addicted! 

I am so excited to continue my journey training at No Limit and I am excited to see what I truly am capable of.   To anyone considering joining No Limit, DO IT!  You will not be disappointed! 

– Aubrey Garcia



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