Bobby Ward Shares His Story

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I have been involved in numerous sports all the way through high school. When in college I maintained a very active lifestyle playing around 2-4 hours of basketball on a daily basis. My senior year in college I was lucky enough to get an internship with a local CPA firm that hired me on full time right after I finished my last college semester in December 2007.

I went from playing several hours of basketball on a nightly basis to routinely working 65-70 hours a week during “busy season” which lasted from early December to mid-April. I was spending time either sitting in a cubicle or out at a client’s office, neither of which lent me time to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Also, being out at clients office bringing a lunch was out of the question.

I would be a “few days a week attendee” at various LA Fitness gyms never really pushing myself past what I felt like doing that day. I never really ate great – when younger my active lifestyle made up for poor food choices. 


I left public accounting after a few years and went to work for a client of mine at the time. I enjoyed the company, but was pretty miserable with the position I was stuck in… I put on a decent amount of weight while trying to decide what my next move would be. I remember getting a book of pictures for Father’s Day my wife Tiffany had made of me and my daughter and thinking…..

“Geez… How much weight have I put on?”


I eventually changed jobs taking promotions, which meant longer hours and a long commute to LA. After our second child was born and I was still commuting a good distance to and from work. I remember sitting in the car one day thinking about how poor the work/life balance was at the time and how much I missed seeing my wife and kids each night just so I could finish up reports or babysit other peoples mistakes throughout the day and decided it needed to change.

I was fortunate to find a CFO/Controller role in Brea with my current company and our family was able to move to Yorba Linda a little over a year ago.

My wife Tiffany has been a fixture at 5:30am boot camps for about the past 3 years after our daughter was born. She took a break while we had our second child, but could not wait to get back to the gym as soon as she was able to resume physical activity. I have seen her commitment to No Limit and how it has benefited her. She had been “kindly” letting me know I had put on a few pounds and would pretty regularly tell me about how I should try out No Limit. I would always say “sure” to going to the two-week trials, but never followed through.  It was easy to justify the pounds that I had been gaining, but it was even harder to decide to make a change. We still maintained an active lifestyle, but going to the lake or beach I knew that I had gained extra weight.


“The highest that I had gotten was 255 pounds.”

One day when she was talking to me about her workout I told her that I wanted to try it to see what it was about. I didn’t make any promises beyond going to the first day of the two-week trial.  When I got there I wasn’t really sure what to expect… I knew I was out of shape, but wasn’t exactly sure how bad it was going to be. After the first 15 minutes of boot camp I realized how knowledgeable the trainers were and how much people had developed relationships with the trainers and other people attending the classes.  I really enjoyed the class and was sold…


That next week there was a No Limit Black Friday sale and I signed up 6 months. Since that day I have been regularly attending 3-4 boot camps per week for a little less than a year now. I am very grateful for the relationships that I have developed with people in boot camps and friends that I have made. All of the trainers have taken time during classes to chat with me, correct my form or just see how my day is going.

Jeff and Sako have really been a huge support system for me allowing me to shoot them quick texts or emails about questions I may have about my workout programs or diet and they are always quick to respond and more than happy to help. I recently participated in the Transformation Challenge placing third losing around 8% body fat and 29 pounds.  Overall, I have lost a total of 36 pounds from the 255 pounds I started at and with consistency at No Limit I know I will reach my goal weight of 210 pounds. For anyone thinking of trying out some of the classes at No Limit but isn’t sure, I would say just come in and start with the two week trial… I did and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.




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