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Boot Camp: From Basic Training to Weight Loss

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Boot camps have become increasingly popular as more and more people are joining their local programs to maximize training results. You can find them everywhere from gyms to parks, and they will look very similar to an actual army drill routine. But what if you are just trying to lose weight, and you are not really aiming to be a full blown solider? The good news is that you do not have to go through basic training to drop the extra pounds.

The secret to what makes boot camps so effective is that they move from one exercise to another without resting in between each one. This keeps your body constantly in motion, burning tons of calories in the process. It also makes sure that you are never bored, which means that you will actually have fun working out!

Your entire body will benefit from the high intensity of boot camp training, especially your heart. Most of the exercises are the same ones you are probably doing right now. In fact, you can even adapt your aerobic or calisthenics routine by turning up the energy and limiting your rest periods. Maintain steady breathing throughout the entire workout and build up your resistance gradually. Soon, you will be feeling the results and enjoying the new, lighter you!

If you’re interested in boot camps in your area please click the picture below or print this page for a free week pass!

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