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Boot Camp Training in Orange County: Which Exercises Will Help You Lose Weight?

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The fitness world is buzzing about all of the benefits you can get from boot camp training. These include better breathing, happier moods, more energy, and of course, losing weight. So, what is the key behind one of the most effective weight loss methods ever? In a word, intensity!

For boot camp style training, it’s not so much the exercises performed, but the way you perform them. Most routines are made of up of great aerobic exercises that use your body weight for resistance, such as push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and squats. The difference is that they are done consecutively, with little to no rest in between.

It takes a while before your cardiovascular system can catch up with the non-stop pace of boot camp drills, but you can always begin slowly by reducing the number of repetitions performed for each exercise, and then working your way up. Eventually, your breathing will naturally improve and so will your heart rate, which is another added bonus!

Convenience is a factor as well, and fortunately, you do not have to own a lot of equipment to create your version of a boot camp. Also, you can have your workouts whenever they work for you and base them around your schedule. In no time, you will feel the calories burning, and find yourself actually having fun while losing weight!

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