Chris Rodriguez Shares His Story

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Prior to joining No-Limit, I would run occasionally to get ready for a race, but never anything with consistency.  Working out alone was boring, and the gym was little more than a monthly charge on my bank statement.  I never went with the consistency to make a meaningful change.


I’d been looking at Crossfit and other bootcamps prior to joining No Limit, but the trigger was Vegas.  My wife and I booked a trip to Vegas in July of 2014 and I had 90 days to shape up.  The two week free trial was just what I needed to determine if No Limit was for me.  I decided it was after the first bootcamp.


“The clients all want to be there and help to push you, which is huge when you’re hitting the 0530 boot camp 5 days a week.”

The environment is the best, period.  The trainers are all top-notch and very supportive.  Whether in PT or Bootcamp, they’re always coming up with new programs to keep you engaged and coming back .  The clients all want to be there and help to push you, which is huge when you’re hitting the 0530 bootcamp 5 days a week.


“Who needs meds when you have diet and exercise?”

Prior to joining up, I had a physical done and my cholesterol was borderline high (220-ish).  I didn’t want to go on meds in my 30s that I’d have to take for the rest of my life, so I changed my diet, and started No Limit right around the same time.  Since then, my cholesterol is down in the mid 170s.  Who needs meds when you have diet and exercise?

“I’m not a sideline dad.”


I have 3 children (12, 10 and 7) and I’m 41.  I’ve always been someone who’s enjoyed active hobbies (Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Running, Etc..), but as you get older, those past times get harder and less fun.  No Limit has helped me hang with my kids at Skyzone, at the lake, and on the mountain.  I’m not a sideline dad.  I get to play and enjoy these years with them  instead of hanging out and just watching.  I’ve texted that same thing to Jeff on a couple of occasions thanking him for making programs that get me in the kind of shape where I can take 3 kids snowboarding and not fall over after 2 runs.


Regardless of where you’re starting from, this is the place for you.  You don’t need to start off in the best shape of your life for this place to work.  I guarantee that if you put in the work, No Limit will help get you to your goals, and you’ll have a blast on the journey.


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