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 Here we go! Another inspiring story by someone who is determined to be great! Dropping 71 lbs since her weight loss journey and still going. 

I remember Kim when she first joined our program through Groupon with her super energetic friend Jen and together these girls worked. Jen was constantly on Kim’s butt to keep fighting and push through set for set…and she did!

Look at her now…confident, more energetic, upbeat and determined to be even better! That’s what it’s all about. I watched her transform in that gym when she would come in almost every day and even do 2 workouts back to back at times. 

Check out her story below as she shares with you the journey 🙂



When I joined No limit in December of 2011 I had already lost about 60 pounds with another boot camp. This changed my whole lifestyle. I had successfully quit my 3-4 Pepsi’s a day habit and stopped eating fast food. It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning but the more I saw results the more I wanted to change.

I was with my first boot camp a year and a half and then decided I wanted something different so I quit and worked out with friends. During that time, I completed a half marathon, 100 mile bike ride, worked out at my local gym which kept me active. However, after awhile I began missing boot camp. It isn’t the same kind of workout if you just “go to a gym”. I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough or it was easier to make excuses and find reasons not to work out some days. I gained a few pounds back and I quickly realized I did not like that at all. I needed someone there to help push me, a support system, which I had lost.

So after checking out a few different boot camps I joined No Limit. I couldn’t ask for a better group of trainers! Along with the awesome trainers, the other clients are so encouraging as well. After being with No Limit for a little over a year, I had the push and accountability for working out, but this was just maintaining my weight. I wasn’t eating like I should to see the results I deeply desired. I needed further motivation to help me lose more weight. So, I did the six week weight loss challenge that No Limit was offering to those that were committed to making a change. All though I didn’t win the prize, I did come out a winner in my eyes. I lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks and amazed myself. Additionally, I gained more confidence, and lost several inches. Lastly, I officially reached one of my long term goals of fitting in single digit pants! So, that brings my total weight loss to date- 71 pounds!

I am not done yet. I still have not hit my original 80 lbs goal, but in time I know I will reach it. My advice for someone who isn’t really sure about joining would be to do it!

Honestly, it will change your life for the better in more ways then you could imagine. I have never felt better about myself. It was and is the best decision I ever made. If I can do it, so can anyone else. No looking back for me, the best is yet to come.  

Kimberly Ritter

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