Cyndi Lepe shares her story

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There are so many “before and after” success stories out there…but how often do you see a “hey, I’m kinda stuck in the middle” story? Well…I’m stuck in the middle. As many of you know, losing weight is not easy. Trying to put a positive spin on it to stay motivated can be difficult as well. I am still learning what works for me and what doesn’t, but old habits die hard. One thing that HAS worked is

Focusing on BEHAVIORS rather than just RESULTS.







Results are not absolute and there are just too many variables. That is where behaviors come in. I am learning that if I can be disciplined in my behaviors then the results are a natural byproduct. And instead of focusing purely on weight loss, I have begun to strive for different aspects of fitness, such as gaining strength and muscle. 

I had knee and shoulder injuries for quite some time and have used this as an excuse to not only miss workouts but also let my eating habits slide. Things were becoming inconsistent as I was trying not to exacerbate my injuries, but this was leading me to only regress in my progress. The coaches at bootcamp have helped me work around these issues by lightening weights and modifying some exercises so I can keep attending consistently.
It’s normal to have setbacks, I just have to remember not to beat myself up over them and get back to business! I have not lost sight of my end goal and neither should you!

As Sako once told me, “A setback is a setup for a comeback!”


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