Dan Shares His Journey Through Life

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Life before No Limit was good. I am very grateful to be able to do what I do.

I have broken many bones and even broke my neck in 3 spots. I have raced motocross, mountain bikes; I enjoy trail running and hiking. Things were good but I would always wake up with aches and pains.

I was bored with going to the gym doing the same workout not really knowing what I was doing and it surely wasn’t helping me. By the time I hit 53 I was seeing more doctors than I cared to, but I was hurting and taking 4-6 Aleeve’s a day to help with the pain. The Doctors wanted to cut on me, fuse bones together, shoot cortisone in me for a sciatica issue and drug me. No Way. My Chiropractor and my Heart doctor told me to lose weight and start working out.

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Pam, my wife, saw an ad on Groupon for No Limit so we went and have been going for over a year. Boot camp kicked my A**, I was sore after but I stuck with it, three days a week and did what I could do, my pains got better. One day after class Pam and my daughter were waiting for me to finish stretching out, they started to talk to Jeff about me. He is the person that has changed the quality of my life completely, Jeff came over and showed me a couple of stretching moves and the rest was history. I started to PT with Jeff twice a week and from just making a change in how I worked out I was able to stop taking Aleeve’s for pain and have not seen my the Doctors for the pains I was going through.

“I’m down around 30 lbs and 12% body fat!”

I did lose the weight that my doctors wanted me to, I went from a tight size 36 to a loose 34. I’m down around 30 lbs and 12% body fat!10801670_10204394562896415_3192582384024204165_n

I am a work in progress. Jeff is so patient and knows how to read your body. Jeff is very meticulous about posture and proper form. I am able to stand 3” straighter; my sciatica is pretty much gone. Jeff has taught me how important core strength is to my overall well being.


“I am able to stand 3” straighter; my sciatica is pretty much gone.”

All the trainers at No Limit are great people who genuinely care about you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from the trainers they are there to help you. Becoming a member at No Limit was one of the smartest things I have done for myself in a long time. Keep it fun; Be yourself, until next time, I’m not done yet.


Dan Burns, No Limit Family member



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