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Do You Really Have to Gain Weight to Lose Weight?

By February 3, 2010No Comments

At the start of a workout program, you think you are doing everything right in trying to lose weight, but the scale is telling you a different story. Why are the pounds going the wrong way by increasing instead of decreasing? Don’t get discouraged, this is actually normal, and happens frequently at the beginning of any new workout regimen.


Before you exercise on a continual basis, your body is not used to encountering that type of resistance. One of the ways it responds to the change is by adapting and rebuilding muscle. This process is good because it means that your muscles are responding to the exercises. And, it is that “shock” that promotes growth.



However, the growth also brings an increase in muscle needed to handle the load of the workouts, and more muscle can mean more weight. Until your body becomes used to exercising regularly, it is natural to gain a little weight. The good news is that it will not take very long at all before you get past this phase. Plus, you might not look or feel like you have gained any weight because it is comprised of lean muscle, not fat.

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, and consistency are the keys to a successful training program. The longer you continue working out, the more knowledgeable you will be about how your body reacts and what it needs. So, keep your eye on the short term and long term goals, and never give up!

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