Eat for Your Body type

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Learning how to tailor your diet to fit your body type is a very powerful way to ignite your progress. To begin, take a look at the somatotype descriptions to figure out where you fit.

Ecotmorph-This is the typical, skinny hard gainer. If he happens to gain body fat, he can lose it easily. He finds it very tough to gain muscle. Physically he possesses thin bones and joints, with a naturally narrow waist.

Mesomorph- Naturally muscular, athletic-looking guy we would all like to be. He tends to gain muscle easily while not carrying a lot of body fat. Big bones, thick joints and a well shaped muscle structure.

Endomorph- The guy who constantly battles his weight. Wide in the waist, narrow shoulders and often chubby, he can add muscle with some ease but gains body fat easily also. It takes a huge effort for an endomorph to get ripped.

The ectomorph who wants to bodybuild is the most dependent on frequent feedings. He should eat carbohydrate and protein heavy meals as frequent as every 2 hours. The biggest problem for ectomorphs is not eating enough. Liquid calories are very important while trying to gain weight, especially protein shakes in between meals. The ectomorph’s body is resistant to change. New muscle comes slowly and can disappear in the blink of an eye if you slip up on the nutrition and training.

The mesomorph has a very responsive physique when it comes to bodybuilding diet and nutrition. Limiting simple carbohydrates and saturated fats is important with mesomorphs. High quality proteins and essential fats should make up a big part of a mesomorphs diet. A mesomorph can get away with eating every 3-4 hours unlike the ectomorph.

The endomorph without guidance is a train wreck when it comes to eating.  Endomorph should always be on a restrictive diet. Although an endomorph packs on muscle fast he finds it difficult to keep body fat levels down. Endomorphs diets should be high protein, low carbohydrate, and moderate essential fats.

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