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Exercises for Hips, Butt and Thighs With Anaheim Hills Boot Camp

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Guest post by: Bodylab

A well-toned butt looks great and sexy, but most of us do not pay much attention to how our butt looks, the major reason being that it is located on the backside of our body. However, if you pay some attention to your hips, thighs and butt you can make it look great by doing some simple exercises to tone the shape of your backside. Squats are one of the best exercises to give you a fine looking booty, and you can add more exercises like side to side lunges, reverse lunges and front lunges to your workout routine along with squats to tone your hips.

Lunges are a difficult exercise, especially for the beginners, therefore, it is better that you start with the ones you feel comfortable with. With practice, you will be able to do all side to side, reverse and front lunges. These exercises work on several muscles of the legs and hips at the same time, including glutes and hamstrings on the front legs and quads and calves on the back leg.

Hip Extension is another exercise which targets the glutes, the largest muscle in the body. This exercise uses ankle weights or dumbbell for added intensity. Some other activities which you can participate in to tone your thighs, hips and butt include hiking, bike riding and walking along with strength-training exercises. These activities not only strengthen your muscles but also serve as good cardio-exercises. The best thing about these activities is that you will not need to spend any extra money to buy gym equipment, and you can do them with your friends and enjoy at the same time. Walking, jogging and cycling can be added to your daily routine, and even half an hour of daily regular exercise is more than enough for most people.

To have a nice looking butt, you have to make sure that you focus on all the target muscle groups which include the quadriceps at the front of the thighs, hamstrings at the back of the thighs and the gluteals or your butt. Building and toning these muscles requires a lot of stamina, such as while climbing stairs or squatting, but you should make sure that you work them in balance. Doing only a few exercises will cause the muscles to be imbalanced, reducing your performance or leading to other problems such as back, knee and hip pain. Pains are a result of the hips and pelvis going out of alignment, when one part of the leg is more developed than the other.

Therefore, it is important that you focus on balancing muscle development and regularly stretch after your workout sessions to avoid injuries. Improving your diet to a healthier one is also very important, as reducing weight from a particular body part can be more difficult for some people as compared to others. A low-fat, protein rich diet will help you get rid of the stored fat in your body, especially in the butt and thighs, giving them a toned look. However, other factors also play a role in how fast you can lose weight, such as genetics, age, metabolism etc.

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