Faith Stanton Shares Her Story

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“Before No Limit I felt like I had spaghetti arms and that I was not strong at all.”

Since taking kickboxing at No Limit I have more confidence and a better understanding of self-defense. I have a difficult time eating enough throughout the day. Like I said I had spaghetti arms and I was very bony. But now that I have started to exercise I feel stronger and my appetite has increased. I am eating more food and choosing healthier options. I used to eat a lot of candy, but now I have started eating less candy and junk food. I crave healthier foods like carrots, salads, fish, and eggs to name a few.


I started working out because I am naturally on the thinner side and I wanted become stronger and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.  So I thought exercising would help me get stronger and make me want to eat more because it would tire me out and I would want to eat after a hard workout. 

My mom is a personal trainer at No Limit so I thought I might as well join her and get a boxing session in while she is training. She introduced me to kickboxing with Zach. 


I joined because I wanted to learn self defense so I can protect myself from the dangers of the real world. Zach was a really nice and funny guy and made kickboxing a lot of fun. It is a private sessions so I am not worried about other people staring at me and stuff.

My first session with Zach was nerve-wrecking but I had more and more fun the longer we trained. The writing on the walls really encourage me to do more and push myself to my limits. Past my limits actually. The name says it all, “No Limit”.


My biggest motivation is that I have seen my body become stronger and I am not as fragile as I was before. My biggest challenge during this was when I got very frustrated because I could not get a move right. I was almost crying but Zach cheered me up with a joke and I felt better.


Today, I have more knowledge of self-defense. I am still on my road to success but I feel that I am stronger than ever before. I am mostly proud of the fact that I don’t looks as bony as I was before. I have more muscle showing and I like that.

“I would tell someone not to get frustrated when you don’t achieve something. You may not be able to get it right or hit that goal on the first try but just keep trying. Don’t every give up. You will get there if you just keep trying.”





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