“Fancy Nancy” Bradford Shares Her Story

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I have been reluctant to write my story because I didn’t think it had the WOW factor that everyone is used to seeing.  But then I thought maybe there is someone out there who is in the same position I was 10 months ago, will read this and take the leap! So here goes…….


I have always been an active person: spinning, boot camps, weight training.  I maintained a steady weight (125-130lbs) for over 20 years and for the most part ate healthy.  Three years ago I threw out my back and things went downhill from there.   After recovering, I tried getting back into my usual regiment only to reinjure my back over and over.  It got so frustrating and not to mention painful that I gave up.  20lbs later (147lbs) I was the heaviest I have ever been.   


Enter No Limit.   A friend of mine, Mellissa Stanton, had been with NoLimit for over a year and raved about it -not to mention her amazing results!!  I dropped in one day, talked to Jeff about my history and with Sako’s help came up with a plan to start on a 3month/3 days per week PT regiment with Alex.  That 3 months turned into 9 and I am finally strong enough to participate in boot camp without the fear of messing up my back. 

Every time I walk into NL I hear Alex scream across the room “NANCY!” it reminds me how much I owe her.  She took the time to carve out a plan for me and all she asked in return is to work hard and believe in the process.  If I was about to go off the ledge and eat crappy she would text me and say things like “Abs are made in the kitchen Nancy!”  She is always flexible with my crazy work schedule, supportive and a little nuts which is what I love about her.

“Every time I walk into NL I hear Alex scream across the room “NANCY!” “


Body by Alex: I am down 14lbs and almost 15”. I know that doesn’t seem like WOW results, but I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been at the age of 47.   I no longer care about the number on the scale, I care about the definition of my body.  I no longer count my calories, I just eat clean.  I no longer fear injuring my back, I love checking out my back muscles!

“Body by Alex: I am down 14lbs and almost 15”.”


At NL you are not just joining a gym, you are joining a family.  Alex has become a truly great friend, technically I could be her Mom which she reminds me of often.   I get to work out with Andrea V most of my PT sessions-talk about inspiring!  She even pushes me to do better.  Sako has managed to bring together the best staff I have ever seen at any gym.  They are constantly motivating and never too busy to answer any question you have.  I am so grateful that I walked through that door.


“I always had a reason for not getting myself back into shape.  My back, my age, my work, too busy with family schedules.  NO MORE EXCUSES.”

Thank you Alex and NL!!!!!!!!!!



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