Feel Like Quitting? Orange County Personal Trainers Monday Motivation

By January 23, 2011No Comments

Welcome to my blog.. if it’s your first time here thank you for checking it out and if you’ve been a follower thank you for listening to my stories 🙂 I appreciate all of you.

Did you ever quit playing a sport, a job or something you could have been good at or something you loved? We all have at some point and most of the time it’s because people around us tell us we will never be good or make it and we believed them. You have nothing to prove to anyone, don’t ever do anything to prove something to others at the end of the day just be the best you possibly can and know you did your best.

Here is a cool clip from the movie Rudy. After watching it I feel like a lot of us can relate even when it comes to getting in shape and working out and wanting to reach our fitness goals.

Check it out below. Have a great week!!

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