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For girls who think they will get big from lifting weights

By April 5, 2010No Comments

This comes up all the time, “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to bulk up.” I’ll say it loud and clear. There is no way women can build big huge muscles unless you are on special supplementation and special program designed for building bigger muscles. Then you probably ask “why is it hard for women to build bulky muscle?” It’s difficult because females do not have enough testosterone.

Girls who lift weights will build muscle tissue but it will not be big bulky muscle. If you are gaining weight and big bulky muscle while doing weight training you are probably taking in too many calories or you have a poor diet. The muscle will just tone your body shape resulting in tight, firm and attractive body. Another thing, muscle burns calories naturally even while sleeping.  So don’t fear the weights and when trying to tighten and tone up get off that treadmill and start lifting some weights!!!

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