For The People That Think Warming Up Is a Waste of Time

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I don’t have time, I don’t need to, I’m already warm, I warmed up before I got here, I’m lifting weights we’ll do an extra set…

Those are just some excuses people make when you say warm up before your workout. A lot of you think warming up is a waste of time and never do it. Fortunately you haven’t been injured.




You must always warm up at least 5-10 minutes before any physical activity to make sure your muscles are warm and prepped for activity. You should even aim to break a sweat during the warm up not walk 2 mph. At our boot camps we always make sure we get a proper warm up and stretch out and all of our members so how much better they perform once they warm up.

Take it from me I’ve had 3 major surgeries caused because of some type of physical activity, and I’m only 25!! It sucks to be injured!! So next time you want to skip that 10 minute warm up think about how much time you’ll miss if you get injured.

This picture below is me, Sako Yakinian. I had a complete rupture to my achilles tendon and its the most painful thing Ive ever experienced. I’m stuck in bed for the next 4 weeks, have 4-6 months of physical therapy and the doctor said it might be a year until I run again. I guess I didn’t warm up enough….

So next time you want to skip your warm up just think of this picture..By the way, that’s about a 10 inch incision….ENJOY! 🙂 🙂









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