He Dropped 11% Body Fat and Almost 50 lbs!

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Dylan shared his story a while back. Ever since then he’s only gotten better.
Here are some facts. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t!

Day 1-205.8 lbs at almost 22% body fat
Current-159 lbs at 10.2 % body fat
He couldn’t do 1 chin up or 1 pull-up on his own. Barely squatted 95 lbs for 6 reps. His bench press was just the bar.
Squat: 95# 3×6 / 235# 5×6
Bench Press: Bar Only 3×10 / 145# 5×6
Pull Ups: None unassisted started with the lat pull down / Unassisted 5×8
Chin Ups: None Unassisted started with pull downs / Weighted 10# 4×10
Another great example of someone who trusts the process has discipline and is consistent. We’re proud of you Dylan, I know this is just beginning.
Here’s what Dylan shared with us recently about his transformation…
Most of my life I was self-conscious of the way I looked and I knew if I didn’t do something that would never change. The environment at No Limit was the biggest factor in me sticking with it. Everyone was so nice and I never felt intimidated or out of place. 
If I had to give someone advice I would say trust the process. This wasn’t a quick fix, it was a lifestyle change. It’s very easy (I’m guilty of it) to let others get in your head about what you should be doing and how fast you should be doing it. Listen to your trainer and your body, and the results will come! 
Also, track your food! It makes all the difference. 

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