Jamey Flynn Shares Her Story

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My name is Jamey and my passion has been to walk twenty-four half marathons!  I’ve been coming to No Limit since February 2015.  Lisa was my first trainer and her question to me was, “What are your goals?” Well, since I had made the decision to no longer ‘diet’, I told her, “To get strong!” She helped me to get stronger and pushed me.  

“To date, I’ve lost 20 pounds.”

Due to a scheduling issue, I had to switch the days that I train and trainers.  Mellissa is now my trainer and, just like Lisa, she pushes and encourages me to do my best.

It’s been tricky with my personal training since I started to transition to running.  It’s been a tough year for my knees.  However both trainers have worked with me and taken my limitations into consideration when creating my workout plan. I feel that they are really knowledgeable and passionate about fitness…they live what they teach!  They pay attention to my form and make corrections as needed.  I keep coming to No Limit because it truly is a family.  

“I feel welcomed every time I come in.  Everyone says hello, and is supportive.  I never had that with a gym before.”

Today, it is still tricky to get up and down off of the floor, but someone always offers me a hand (and I decline).  My goal is to recover and get back to full speed eventually so I can continue to make strength gains and get back to walking (running?) my half marathons!


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