Jennifer Garcia Shares Her Stroy

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I have always been one to work out. Give it all at the gym but never really achieving the results I’ve wanted. I finally got truthful with myself and knew I needed to change my eating habits to see results.

The change was not that difficult for me. I usually made healthy choices at breakfast and lunch and a snacker during the day but my husband and I would eat out almost every dinner. While I thought I was making healthy choices while eating out I couldn’t control how those meals were made.


I started cooking all dinners and incorporating much healthier food options in those meals.  That kick started the weight loss. Then I started preparing my food for the week and pounds started coming off. I prep my meals every Sunday. Once I got the momentum and started seeing results the rest was easy.



I’ve learned to enjoy a treat here and there and to tell you the truth, the healthier I’ve eaten the more I don’t want or crave the junk. 

No Limit has helped me tremendously. Reaching out to Jeff was the best decision I made. The coaches have helped me on my journey to a healthier leaner me!






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