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New Years’ Resolutions are for those that aren’t totally serious. If you were serious about it, you would have already started to live a healthier lifestyle; regardless what time of the year it is.


If you start now, you will be more athletic, healthier, and happier this time next year.


Summer bodies are earned in the winter.

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If you are going to eat and drink ‘holiday style’ make up for it with a good daily workout.

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People that are successful have the same obstacles as everyone else; the difference is that successful people make the decision to overcome and work though it.


STAY HYDRATED! If you plan on drinking at every holiday party, make sure you keep your bod pumped with H2O.


Having support during the holidays totally helps. You will be more apt to being consistent with workouts, healthy eating, and hydrating properly if you have someone there to help keep you in check. Plus, knowing that you have to set a good example by being a part of the buddy system, you will hold yourself accountable. You won’t want to set a bad example…..

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Picture yourself in 6 months at the beach… will you be covered in sand? Or will you be covered in clothes? It’s your choice to make now.

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