Kimberly Roe Shares Her Awesome Story

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Growing up, I was in all different sports, soccer being my favorite.  I played through high school and also in outdoor/indoor adult leagues over the last 10 years.  I’ve always been boarder line obsessed with working out and trying to stay fit.  I would go to the gym daily but never really had the knowledge of what was best for me.  I was a “if I’m sweating, I’m working out” type of gym goer which usually put me on a treadmill or elliptical for long periods of time.  My focus was to be “small”.  I decided I wanted to try a boot camp and found one that I really enjoyed.  It was an all-female gym in Fountain Valley that had 30 min classes.  This was what got me wanting to really push myself.  Our lease was up at our apartment and we were looking to move back towards Placentia/Yorba Linda which wouldn’t allow me to continue working out where I was.


“The classes are perfect for me because I feed off of others and it pushes me to go hard every time. “


I had originally heard about No Limit from my friend Tiffany Capps who was a part of it from the beginning.  When my husband and I found a place right up the street from the gym I knew I wanted to give it a try. I did the two week trial and on my last day, I asked Sako where I could sign up.  I was hooked!  No Limit is not like any other gym.  The trainers are so supportive and motivating.  The classes are perfect for me because I feed off of others and it pushes me to go hard every time.  My preferred class is 5:30am which isn’t always the easiest to get to but it truly makes my day better.  I couldn’t ever imagine going back to a regular gym.  I remember filling out the form to join, and being laughed at because I was asked “what are your goals?” and I replied with “I want to be toned”.  I’ve not only gotten so much stronger but the knowledge I’ve gained has completely changed my views of what healthy is.  I finally understand that lifting won’t make women big! The No Limit team goes above and beyond your expectations of any other gym and I honestly can feel the love they have for ALL of their clients.  Thank you so much to Sako and his amazing team! You guys are the best there is!!

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