Kristine Shares Her Journey

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In high school, I never played sports and was not very active.  It was not until after I got out of high school that I decided to join a gym.  I did a lot of spinning, aerobics classes, and occasional circuit training.    I was also a big Beach Body junkie.    

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge foodie and have a very difficult time saying No to food.  I started a new job December 2015 and pretty much stopped all exercise.  Every day my mornings began with a bagel and cream cheese, a big peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and a coffee with lots of creamer.  Who knows what I had for the rest of the day, but I know my choices were far from healthy.

About 9 months and 35 lbs later, I had my annual check-up and found out I was pre-diabetic. 

About 9 months and 35 lbs later, I had my annual check-up and found out I was pre-diabetic.   Diabetes runs very high in my family and is definitely not something I wanted to inherit.  So, I started back on Beach Body workouts and lost about 10 lbs, but I just wasn’t as motivated.   My friend Aileen had introduced me to No Limit earlier in 2015 and my first class was with Lisa.  It was ROUGH and I remember feeling like I was going to pass out!  In October 2016, No Limit was having a 6 week special and I decided to give it another try.    After the 6 weeks, I signed up and have been addicted ever since.  My days begin at No Limit Mon-Fri at 5:30 a.m. and lots of Saturdays at 7:00 am.    I love starting my day with such a great group of people.  Everyone from the clients to the trainers are so encouraging, friendly and you never feel out of place.  All the trainers are very knowledgeable and will always help you if you’re struggling or have incorrect form.  They provide a different and challenging workout routine each time and the workouts never get


I have to say, it’s pretty amazing how strong I feel.

Alex has helped me a lot with strength training and always pushes me to work hard.  I never hit heavy weights before and I have definitely learned a lot under his wing.  I have to say, it’s pretty amazing how strong I feel.  I love lifting heavy weights and I’m excited to get even stronger.  

My greatest challenge is food intake.  Working out is the easy part! Meal prepping on Sunday and making smarter choices is what works for me.  When I don’t meal prep, I feel like I am just setting myself up for failure.  I am not one who can eat 100% clean.  I definitely have my cheat meals, but they are smaller, fewer and farther between.   

Every journey begins with a Single Step.  – Maya Angelou

Once you take that first step, it’s only moving forward from there.  Don’t wait for the perfect time, or for the next Monday to start.  Just do it!  

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