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Liza Drops Over 100 lbs in 6 Months and Transforms Her Life

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liza before and after pic

B.NL. (Before No Limit): I was very unhappy with my body image; I would only take pictures from the neck on up and I had little to no self-control when it came to food. I could easily eat an ENTIRE box of Zingers (the raspberry Twinkie rolled in coconut kind), plus throw down a few handfuls of MMs while sipping on a Venti Starbucks frap all in one sitting. I could have probably out ate Adam Richman from Man vs. Food.


“Hell, I was that little fat girl in elementary school that got caught eating her Helen Grace fundraising chocolate in a restroom stall.”

As a kid, even though I was active in sports (but also being ½ Filipino) — I was taught to always clear my plate and not to waste food. However my Lola (Grandma) thought clearing my plate meant I was still hungry so she would give me bigger portions next meal.

As an adult I developed poor eating habits; eating and drinking whatever and whenever. And I didn’t really exercise outside of playing roller derby three times a week- even though I had a gym membership. Truth is I was an emotional binge eater. I usually ate until I felt sick or stuffed– whichever came first. What is even more scary I was 301.4lbs (at my heaviest and in 2012 I was 330+). I’ve tried just about every fad diet, cleanse, detox, pills, potions, wraps, waist training kit, and workout imagined. I never got desperate enough to consider surgery but after watching a documentary on Netflix I can recall I even juiced for 60 days. & like the little mermaid– “I have gadgets and gizmos- a plenty.” Everything I did was short lived and didn’t work fast enough for me to see results. I didn’t care about calories; I ate as if every meal was my last meal.

It wasn’t until this last December when I was on my third round of infertility treatment that I realized my weight and life was out of control. I was 29, over 300 lbs., and couldn’t even figure out or track my cycle. My biggest fear was not knowing if we could ever get pregnant. We were fortunate to rule out diabetes and PCOS. I realized the healthiest thing for me to do was to stop my fertility plan, and get on a weight loss plan.



“It wasn’t until this last December when I was on my third round of infertility treatment that I realized my weight and life was out of control.”


I cried my heart out when I canceled my last fertility appointment and vowed to the receptionist that I would be under 199 by July 2015 (my next annual physical).

After canceling my appointment, I decided I need something to really kick my ass. Maybe go to a city far away (I live in Long Beach) but near work (Cypress); somewhere where people didn’t know me and I could find myself and just sweat. My husband Mike was more than supportive with this. & the Laker colored chain gym I was going to wasn’t cutting it. Through a dear friend & now my training partner, I’ve found No Limit and got hooked immediately!


I’ve done boot camps and managed to survive a cross-fit workout before so I thought I had an idea what I was up against. A week before I actually signed up just to do the free trial, I stalked NL’s website, Facebook, and Instagram and I was completely captivated by how so many people were motivated, committed to changing and bettering themselves.


My first day at No Limit was a Monday (my #1 carnal rule is never miss a Monday); I really liked the ambience the gym has and then I met Sako, shook his hand and said: “Hi, I am Liza! I am your gym’s newest project,” and nervously laughed. I am pretty certain he knew I was one big-ass, hot mess. But none the less he along with everyone else was so warm and genuinely welcoming. The coaches took the time to modify my exercises so that I would not re-injure my knees.

Fast forwarding, after I dry heaved but survived my first boot camp (Alan’s), I told my husband I would forfeit my Christmas present to become a member of No Limit.

“I told my husband I would forfeit my Christmas present to become a member of No Limit.”


I can proudly say I have committed to a lifestyle change that has saved my life that I really enjoy; allowing me to get much closer to a healthy pregnancy and now knowing that I CAN get pregnant!


“From December to February I started to eat better, attended boot camps regularly and lost about 40 lbs.”

From December to February I started to eat better, attended boot camps regularly and lost about 40 lbs. I decided to commit to No Limit entirely and cancelled my Planet Fitness membership because I felt they weren’t in line with my goals (who rewards you with free pizza and donuts?!).

By March 2015 Sako took me under his wing- talk about a second marriage that’s the type of level of commitment we have & of course once you are able to get past his brutal honestly. We began to train twice a week and on my off training days I went to boot camp and have lost 60+ lbs. By late June (and ahead of schedule) I hit my 199 goal! From day one Sako was very in tuned and even pinned my top three goals to his board. A few days through the week I sent him my weight (it did a mental number once I officially overcame this once before fear).  Sako never lets me go stagnate with nutrition and when in doubt will ask for my food log.

“By late June (and ahead of schedule) I hit my 199 goal!”



One of my first PT sessions EVER:






“Through all the tears, soreness, sweat, and curse words I still give it my all (even if I still don’t know where the sliders are supposed to go when I do a body-saw). But, I have become consistent and serious about my health.”food

Through No Limit, I:

  • Am eating 5 healthy small meals (when I first started I strictly followed the Blue Print and had a clearing out party for my cabinet and pantry) and drink plenty of water


  • Am actually enjoying working out at least 4-5 days a week; no less than 55 minutes
  • Love each boot camp class and personal training session because they are always different which doesn’t allow me to get bored
  • Have made lifelong friendships through both a challenge and boot camp classes (Weigh-in Wednesdays are a real thing)am at lowest weight since I was in junior high AND I don’t have to lie anymore on my driver’s license about my weight learned not to post my cheats on Facebook or Instagram 😛 because no sympathy will be given during my next workout.bootcamp“Now, I love my life and for once I feel like a normal woman, not like an elephant in the room. “

Team Bod Squad

I’ve come so far and proven to myself and others that it can be done! I cannot express how good it feels to no longer have to shop in the “plus size section,” or having to purchase a bigger seat when I travel, or be asked to get off a ride for safety reasons.


My best advice is to replace excuses with effort; replace laziness with determination and everything else will fall into place. & to never knock progress- progress is progress.



“I am currently nine months in and have lost 104 pounds; down five (5) dress/pants sizes; and three (3) shirt sizes. I would have never gotten this far if it wasn’t for my two men Mike, Sako and the additional support I get from my No Limit Family!”

before and after

Love a much happier and healthier,





Liza Bledsoe after


If you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a better version of yourself and be a part of our family, there’s no better time than now.




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