Mia Blodgett Shares Her Story

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What drives a 16-year-old to get up before the sun is up and hit the gym with her parents? I had to know!

Mia Blodgett is a dedicated No Limit Boot Camper that has been attending boot camp classes with her mom, Amber Blodgett, and her dad, Jerry Blodgett, for over a year. When I asked her what drove her to be so responsible about her health at her age she said, wanting to stay fit is a huge part but seeing other women older than herself really motivates her to stay in shape for her overall health.

I also asked her what her friends thought about the fact she wakes up at 6:30 am every day to come workout. “They say I’m crazy.” said Mia. “I always invite them but they either don’t care or they don’t want to start at the beginning; which can be hard but, it’s worth it.”

Mia has been training at No Limit with her parents for 3 years. Her parents encouraged her to try it out and she came without any hesitation. When asked about why she loves working out at No Limit, she responded with, “I love working out with my family and (No Limit) is also like a family.” 

Mia mentioned she works at Togo’s and she noticed her increased strength has helped with a lot of the duties she has at work, such as lifting heavy objects.

We ended the conversation with my last question, What would you say to others your age to help encourage them to try out No Limit? Her answer was,

“Honestly, in this society of always trying new things, and doing fun things, working out for an hour is not that hard. It’s totally worth it at the end of the day. You’ll feel great for the rest of the day and it helps with so many (everyday) things”.

It was great to chat with Mia and get her perspective on physical activity in today’s youth. Mia is a positive role model for her peers and I hope they take her as an example and try out a healthier lifestyle.


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