Mindy Pera Shares Her Story

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img_3276Several times in my life, I was motivated to join a gym.  My idea of a great workout was taking a stroll on the treadmill and people watching, committing to three days a week (that’s dedication).  I wasn’t concerned because I could control my weight with dieting alone until about a year ago.  On the advice of my MD, I went to a cardiologist and had a workup.  That’s when the s**t hit the fan.  I found out that I was a borderline diabetic and for the first time in my life had high cholesterol.  Since my diet was relatively on point, when he inquired about my exercise regime, I laughed and said what regime?  This was my wake-up call!


My daughter has been a part of the No Limit family for several years, the past two year’s personal training with Alan.  She suggested I come in with her and workout with Alan.  Considering I had NEVER worked out, saying I was scared was an understatement!! I think my biggest fear other than dying (seriously I’m old), was failing to complete the hour.  Not only did I complete the hour, albeit almost passing out and/or throwing up multiple times, I left the session and immediately signed up and paid for three months of personal training in advance knowing this is what it would take to commit.


My journey started five days later (thank goodness because I couldn’t walk or sit for five days).  Right from the start, Alan told me this was going to be a process that I would have to believe in, and with hard work I would see the pay off.  He has taught me form, helped me set and reach goals, and numerous times talked me off the ledge when I became frustrated.  Thank you Alan!  My No Limit family has also been there providing both encouragement during my workouts and inspiration when sharing their stories.  

In eight months I have lost 22 pounds, dropped two dress sizes, and lowered my cholesterol!!


I would tell anyone on the fence of getting started to get off their a** and do the one thing that will truly make a difference in their quality of life.  If a 63 year old out of shape couch potato can do it anyone can.


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