Monday Motivation with Orange County Personal Trainer

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This weeks motivation is Lisa’s team from the 8 week challenge. This team won the challenge and absolutely crushed it!

Double days, early mornings, late nights and nutrition on point! I saw every single one of them change throughout the weeks right before my eyes. From the start they were all focused and were willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Their coach, Lisa put in countless hours that most didn’t see. She ran with them, worked out with them, showed up super early in the morning, late at night, in the middle of the day when nobody was at the gym and even met her team at 24 hour fitness to get in workouts. She was ALL IN from the start. Most of you didn’t know this but Lisa put everything she had into her clients and it showed. She also practices what she preaches day in and day out and her physique is proof. She has a huge heart and is extremely passionate about fitness and helping people. 

This team came together and worked as one. Not only did they do so well in the challenge but they developed a lasting friendship and bond that nobody can ever take away. That’s what it’s all about, the person next to you during your workout encouraging and pushing you, texting you and checking in, happy for your success. It’s little things like that, that helped them succeed.

Here’s what this team accomplished the past 8 weeks!


In the pic above, Mari dropped 5.4% body fat and 15.9 lbs


In the pic above, Pam dropped 6.2% boy fat and 9.6 lbs


In the pic above, Greg dropped an amazing 31.8 pounds and 10 % body fat


In the pic above, Ashley dropped 10.6 lbs and 5.6% body fat


Tricia now has abs! She dropped 2.9% body fat and 4.9 lbs but look at the difference!


Rona dropped 9.29 lbs and 7.8% body fat!

As a team over the past 8 weeks the 6 of them




Congratulations to Tricia, Mari, Ashley, Rona, Pam and Greg! The entire No Limit team is proud of you! You earned every bit of that!

This is just the beginning, I’m excited to see what they’ll accomplish in 2015. Man, they’re inspiring! 


I’m personally proud of everyone in the challenge, everyone came out a success and the best part is the new relationships that developed and just made this No Limit family stronger. (by the way, look how lean Lisa is!)

Also I want to thank all the trainers who participated in this challenge. The extra time and work you all put in didn’t go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated by your teams. We’re in this together 😉

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