Monday Motivation With Orange County Trainer

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What’s up NL fam,

This weeks a bit different than the usual Monday motivation. This week I wanted to share a little update about our all star client and her journey. That’s why I put up a short clip about being resilient, that’s what she’s been!

For those of you that remember Kim’s story and what she’s going through you know what I mean, If you’re new and want to get up to date please check out her story here —>KIM’S BATTLE AGAINST CANCER<—

I’m sure people still see here at the gym and think she’s all better now and everything’s passed but little do you know she sill has a lot on her plate, she’s not even halfway through this journey. She’s just making it look easy and living as if it’s not there.

I’m not positive but I think it’s the 4th or 5th month she’s been dealing with it and she’s still toughed it out and shown up for workouts no matter what and put full effort every workout. Most people quit and give up, not her, her attitude has been great, still working hard, always smiling and joking and never complaining about it. It’s not easy, but she’s making it happen!

Well, with that being said a lot of how Kim has kept her strength mentally is because you’ve all created an amazing support system here at No Limit and I know she really appreciates all of you for being there and supporting her.

Here’s the next part in her journey…This Wednesday, Jan 22 she goes in for surgery and will not be able to do any exercise for at least 6 weeks. Here’s where where she needs the extra support. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and maybe even reach out to her on FB, text or email, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

So if you can take anything away from this as motivation… learn from her. No matter what life hands you, no matter what your situation is always do the best with what you have. Kim’s worked her butt of since the first day in here and has battled it out while having cancer, she’s been a walking inspiration to us all. Can’t wait to watch her journey back!


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