Monday Workout Motivation With Orange County Gym

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What’s up everyone, hope your week is off to a good start!

This week I’ve got a little bit of workout motivation. As some of you know a handful of No Limit members and one person from the No Limit team participated in an insane event called GoRuck. Mark one of our team members helped them all prep for this event and he put them through some ridiculous workouts I even scratched my head about.

Even though I think they are all nuts and crazy for doing it and might not agree with all of it, I still respect their decision and I’m proud of their accomplishment. Mainly because none of them could have done it alone, some of them realized they were capable of more than they thought and ALL of them challenged themselves to be mentally and physically tougher.


Majority of you don’t know what it’s about so I’ll give you a quick idea. I may be off on minor details but here’s what I recall.

It’s around  13 hours straight and 23-25 miles with a backpack on full of bricks. You work as a team and have a ton of challenges throughout.

Nicole, April, Lee, Kim, Caitie, Maria and Jen…I know we had our differences throughout and you knew how I felt about it but at the end of the day I’m happy for all of you, watching you all come together like that, work as a team, have each others back, battle through injuries and setbacks. To put your bodies through all of that and to push yourselves to the limits and come out of it together. That’s pretty bad ass! Took me a while I know but I’m proud of ALL of you. It wasn’t about the destination it was the journey that was worth it!

Here’s a little workout motivation clip

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