No Limit Coach on His Fitness Journey

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It was just over 4 years ago when he became a coach at No Limit. He would always wear a baggy sweatshirt and stay covered up.
Criticized by some that he didn’t look the part or practice what he’d preach.
Fast forward to today…
He went from 228 to 188 lbs. He’s leaner, stronger and maybe even a little sexier.
Want to know his secret?
Hard work, consistency, discipline and a lot of patience. He fell in love with the process.
He not only talks the talk when it comes to training and nutrition, he walks the walk.
This is just a checkpoint, not an after picture.
I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not easy on him. I give the guy a lot of crap about how insane he is with every detail of training, logging his workouts and weighing every ounce of each meal. But I’ll be the first to say, I’m proud of him. To see him throughout the journey and how far he’s come is pretty amazing.
Jeff, I know this is just the beginning. You’re proof that hard work and consistency pay off.
No shortcuts, no gimmicks… he earned it.

Want to be the next success story?

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