Orange County Boot Camp Trainer Talks How Proper Foot Wear Can Make All The Difference

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When starting a work out regime, it is super important to have the necessary equipment which includes having the RIGHT shoes! Here is what you should be looking for depending on the form of exercise you will be doing:

Treadmill Mileage: If you are running a lot, whether on the treadmill or outside, it is imperative that you invest in running shoes. Ideally you want shoes that are designed for how you run. For example, if you have a heavier step you will want shoes that offer more support and cushion.

Weight Lifting:  It is important that you have a firm, flat grip on the ground. This guarantees accurate form and that your stance offers you control; this is specifically important when you are lifting heavy. Do not wear thick-soled running shoes in the weight room; stick with flat-soled shoes to keep your weight-lifting routine safe and effective.

Gym class: A cardio or strength-training class would require a more supportive shoe. The persistent jumping and other agility movements done in class would make an investment in a pair of shoes that provide ample cushioning and support as well as grip a necessity. Look for simple cross-trainers that offer support for both the ankle and arch without the heaviness; they are lightweight which help keep your feet from feeling bulky or overheated.

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