Orange County Boot Camp Trainer Tells Why You Should Add Coconut To Your Diet Plan

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One of the top healthy fats that you should be considering adding to your diet whenever possible is coconut. Many people are fast to avoid coconut because it is a form of saturated fat and they think it will only harm, not help their progress.

But, this just isn’t the case at all.  While coconuts are a form of saturated fat – that much is true, they are going to help your progress, not hinder.

Let’s look at why you should be including coconuts in your day.

They’re Heart-Healthy

The first reason to be adding healthy fats to your diet is because they will help to promote better heart health.  Coconut fat can help to decrease the levels of cholesterol in the blood and reduce your risk of heart attack or other heart-health concerns.

Since you should eat some form of saturated fat daily – keeping it to around 15% of your total intake, make it come from coconuts for best results.

They’re Available For Energy

Second, one thing that’s important to know about coconut fat is that unlike any other form of fat, it can be used as an immediate energy source. This means that it can help to fuel intense exercise sessions, so if you’re on a lower carb diet plan, coconut fat is a must.

You can use this as a pre workout energy source rather than carbohydrates, making it better meet your dietary requirements.

They Boost The Metabolism

Finally, the last reason to consider adding coconut to your daily diet is because it can also help to boost your metabolism as well.

It’s going to increase the process of thermogenesis, which is how fast the body is burning up energy over the 24 hour period.

This is especially noticeable when you first start consuming it, so it works very well as one of the top healthy fats to eat while on a fat loss diet plan.

So make sure that you aren’t overlooking this fat any longer. It is still a dietary fat and does contain more calories than both proteins or carbohydrates so serving size does need to get taken into account, but this said, there is absolutely no reason to be avoiding it.

Try it in the flesh form or use dried unsweetened coconut in any recipe where it will fit in perfectly.

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