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Orange County Gym Gives 4 Simple Ways To Burn More Fat During The Holiday Season

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Holiday season is right around the corner and 67 percent of people gain roughly 13 pounds during this festive time of the year.  Majority of those people spend the next 6 months trying to lose those additional pounds. Here are some easy ways to keep the pounds off.

1. Walk with PURPOSE: Bumping up your walk speed from 3.5 to 4.5 burns 66 percent more calories. Shorten your stride and pump your arms fast to increase your speed.

2. Intervals are your FRIEND: During any of your cardio workouts, increase the speed or incline to as fast or as high as you can go. Try this for 60 seconds and then back to normal for 3 minutes, this will increase the calories you destroy by 10 percent.

3. Lift the WEIGHT: Studies have shown that lifting weight burn more calories than  just doing cardio, adjust the weight just a little and try to do a few more reps.

4. Get some AIR: Plyometric moves help sculpt and slim your muscles, added bonus, these moves burn 10 calories per minute versus the measly 3 to 4 with moderate strength training.

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