Orange County Personal Trainer Gives How To Boost Your Calorie Burn With These Supersets

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One of the best ways to burn more calories as you go about your workout session is to incorporate the use of supersets.  Superset training is ideal for those who want to see an excellent metabolic response from their workout, allowing them to continue to burn calories for hours after the workout is completed.

In addition to that, supersets also allow you to shorten the duration that you have to spend in the gym, without sacrificing the results that you see.

Furthermore, you’ll get a great cardiovascular boost by including supersets into the mix, so that’s yet another reason to consider adding these in.

Let’s have a quick look at a few of the top supersets that you should consider using.

Leg Extension And Hamstring Curl

If you want a great lower body power building superset, consider the leg extension with the hamstring curl. Both of these are isolation based exercises so will help to really up the overall strength of the lower body muscles without requiring any other muscular activation.

Do this at the end of the workout to really finish the lower body off.


Bicep Curl And Tricep Press Down

Second, also consider the bicep curl with tricep press-down. This is yet another great exercise for building strength in your limb, but this time will work for the arms.

Most people will find this superset brings about a very high degree of muscle pump, so can be a great way to motivate yourself to continue pushing forward throughout the session.

This superset is best performed after any rowing exercises you may be doing or after any bench press variations as well.

As they are isolation exercises, they should always come last.


Bench Press And Squat

Finally, the last of the supersets to consider is the bench press with the squat. If your main mission is to lose fat and maintain strength while dieting, this is the superset to do.

Since these are both compound movements, they will work very well for helping to increase your total calorie burn both during the session as well as after and target a number of muscle groups in the body.

So there you have some of the primary supersets that you should consider. Each of these will bring fast results to your workout program and help take your fitness level up a notch.

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