Orange County Personal Trainer Monday Motivational- 11/29/10

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Welcome to Sako’s blog, where people come to get  health and fitness tips and to get the little extra motivation to get through the challenges in life.

This is a great video clip. He says it exactly how it is…The world is nasty place and will beat you to your knees no matter what. Ask yourself this…How much can you take and keep moving forward?

When it comes to weight loss and getting in shape, how many hits do we take along the way? A lot! I know I do, but what gets us to the next level and what makes us successful is not how many times we get hit it’s how many times we get hit and hit those plateaus and bumps along the way and keep working until we become successful. Check out the clip below…

Also it’s never too late to improve your life and do something that will improve your life. Check out Orange County Boot Camps or Orange County Personal Training…It’s where people go to get better 🙂


My good friend also runs and awesome program at Cambridge Boot Camp