Orange County Personal Trainer Monday Motivational

By April 17, 2011No Comments

Hey, Sako here with another week of Monday Motivation.

You know, I truly am blessed to live the life I do. I’m healthy, have a career I love, good family, amazing friends, roof over my head and God on my side. Sometimes I forget how tough some people have it, like this week my friend James and fellow trainer was about to give up. He has nothing left and has been battling lyme disease and can’t afford treatment. His illness is now attacking his heart and he needs help immediately. Years ago, he was a VERY successful trainer and he lost it all because of his illness.

I want to raise money to help him get to Maryland to get to his doctor and get his treatment. If you want to help by donating, only if you feel it’s right I would greatly appreciate it. His name is James Coury. The link to donate and read his story is here

Also here is another man who is a HUGE inspiration. He could’ve easily given up on life but instead he’s living life to the fullest. Next time you think you have it rough and your life sucks because you gained weight, lost a job, had a bad day just watch this clip.

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