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Orange County Personal Trainers 6 Tips For Faster Fat Loss

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#1.Try to Eat small meals every 2-3  hours. It will increase your metabolism and help reduce fat storage. Make sure these are healthier meals balanced with enough protein, carbs and fat.

#2.Stop eating 3 hours before bed. Studies have been that people had a more weight loss when they stop eating 3 hours before bed.

#3. A great way to burn off excess fat is to walk or jog for as little as 15-20 minutes first thing in the morning when you get up. Doing cardio right when you wake up is way more effective since your body is depleted of calories, and is forced to pull energy from fat stores. A local personal trainer can help you identify your ideal target heart rate for maximum fat burn if you’re not sure how to calculate it.


#4. Join a local fitness program or switch up your current routine. More people will workout when they have to be accountable and when they have a set appointment. Orange County boot camps will definitely get you in shape and make sure you stay on track.

#5.Do exercise that incorporate compound movements rather than simple ones. I know all you guys want to work your arms all day long but it really isnt that effective! Compound movements will not only help in burning more calories, but will also tone and build more muscle! A few good compound movement exercises include: squats, clean and press, dead lifts, bent over rows, and lunges. My personal favorites are deadlifts 🙂

#6. Want to drop 30 lbs in one year without even exercising? Millions of people drink an average of 2 regular soft drinks a day, which is a total of 300 calories. Check this out… When you add these extra 300 calories up over a year, they result in over 30lbs of weight gain and thats probably all fat! Ditch the soft drinks, and say goodbye to your unwanted pounds!


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