Orange County Personal Trainers Spotlight Sunday

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Hey everyone, Sako here. This is our first Spotlight Sunday where we showcase a No Limit client and have them share their story with everyone. We just want to show people how amazing our clients are, and also have them share their story to possibly inspire others to take action on their health and fitness.

My first selection for Spotlight Sunday is of a girl who has only been on board for a few months but has seen incredible results! She is always on time, very consistent, always works hard and strives to constantly be better…best of all she NEVER makes excuses. Enough of me bragging about her, here is Ashley Winters below sharing her story.

(this is just a progress picture the after is still in the works)


Before starting the Boot Camp Program in November, I knew I needed a change and motivation. My confidence was low, I was tired all the time and dreaded going to the gym to go on the machines. I have tried classes at the gym and other boot camps but Sako’s No Limit Boot camp cannot compare to ANYTHING I have ever tried before.

I joined because I wanted to see change, lose weight, be confident and happier with myself, and was tired of the back and forth weight gain. Right when I walked into the facility I was greeted with smiles and a kick-butt attitude! Sako, Mark, Tony and Alan are AMAZING trainers who push you to your limit and know how to motivate you!

I can honestly say I look forward to going to boot camp everyday and seeing what challenge is in store. I love the diversity of the workouts and the class dynamics. Even the other clients push each other and cheer one another on! I have improved in many aspects in less than 3 months and can’t wait to see how I can improve over this year. Running is my weakness, but with cardio mixed in the workouts my endurance is definitely improving.

After boot camp, I feel incredible (even at 5:30 AM) my confidence is building, I am making healthier food choices, I feel more energized and relaxed…really just EVERYTHING.

This sounds crazy, but I am addicted. I am at the end of completing my third month and have lost 24 pounds so far, dropped 2 pant sizes and 3% body fat.

My goals are to stay consistent, challenge myself every workout and strive for a healthy weight and lifestyle. Weight has been an issue my entire life and for the first time I feel I am going to conquer it and live a healthy lifestyle with many more boot camps in my future. 2012 here I come!!

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” –James Gordon.


Well, there’s the story about Ashley. She will definitely be an amazing transformation in the future 🙂

If you want to to start working towards your best body then start with  a free week to our fitness program by filling out the form below. We’ll see you soon!

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