Orange County Trainer Lists 15 Tips To Self Motivation

By June 10, 20124 Comments

Another Monday and another week has flown by.

This week I have a list of 15 tips to motivate yourself. Check out the video and also feel free to print out all 15 steps and post them in your car, home and at work.


15 Tips To Self Motivation

1. Replace can’t with can
2. Obstacles & problems are opportunities in disguise
3. Convert your weakness into a strength
4. Maintain your self-esteem & self respect
5. Have an attitude of gratitude
6. Challenge & focus on higher goals
7. Pain & Pleasure Principle
8. Don’t be afraid of failure
9. Ready to learn from mistakes
10. Replace the word TRY with “I will’
11. Yes- I can, Yes- I will
12. Make decisions
13. Share it with ones near & dear to you
14. Get a coach/mentor
15. Take disciplined action

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