Orange County Trainer Talks Benefits of Foam Rolling

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Why is it important to foam roll you may ask yourself? What is the purpose? How will this benefit my performance in the gym? Well here are three very good reasons as to why everyone should foam roll.

  • Helps prevent common injuries.One of the most important reasons to make foam-rolling part of your workout regime is to avoid those injuries caused by working out. Runners, for example, become painfully familiar with their IT band if they do not take care to massage the band of tissue. IT band syndrome and other comparable flare-ups can be caused by too-tight muscles. Foam rolling every day guarantees you are massaging away fascia accumulation in your muscles, in order to help inhibit those areas from becoming injury trigger points.


  • Helps you de-stress.Had a rough day at work? Foam roll your stress away. Digging for knots can release pressure that is built up in the connective tissue to keep you less tense. A simple all-over body routine in order to combat the “desk posture blues” that happen from sitting too long in the office is recommended.


  • Keeps you flexible.Building up your flexibility is the key for any fitness routine, which means you constantly should be stretching and doing exercises that’ll help you gain flexibility. Stretches that lengthen hip flexors, for example, can help combat tightness from sitting as well as lower back pain.




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