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Orange County’s Boot Camp Program Talks About Cellulite

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Did you know that 90% of women get cellulite sometime in their life? It is a tough condition to have, and is difficult to get rid of. It may be formed by the hormones in women. Cellulite is actually small rolls of fat that are right underneath your skin. In this article, we’ll focus on how you can attempt to reduce or even get rid of your cellulite.






Cellulite is hard to treat, and doctors haven’t figured out a surefire cure yet. However, if you are willing to try your best to reduce it, cutting back on calories and doing more aerobic exercises can really help. If you look at the article “Drills for increased Aerobic threshold”, you will find some excellent aerobic exercises. Drinking lots of healthy fluids can also aid your body by helping it flush out the excess fat. Eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables and staying away from red meat can really help you to reduce cellulite. Some basic exercises to get rid of cellulite are running, biking, or swimming. Also, joining a local tennis club can help get your heart pumping, and will help to reduce the cellulite.




Don’t get sucked into liposuction! While they promise instant, permanent removal of your fat, the truth is that if you don’t start eating healthy and exercising more, the fat will return soon after the treatment. Liposuction is an expensive, temporary way to get rid of fat. A good diet, resistance training or a fitness boot camp and a healthy lifestyle is a low-expense, more permanent ways to feel better about your body. It is crucial that you stay motivated while trying to get rid of the cellulite. Even if you have an intense, mind-blowing, incredible workout that leaves you tired for the next few days, it will be ineffective if you just stop there. Read “How to stay Motivated” for tips on how to not slack off during a workout phase. If you have tried all this and your cellulite is still as persistent as ever, see your doctor for possible alternatives. Remember; never try any pill, cream, treatment, or anything that promises instant results without first consulting your doctor. If all goes well and your cellulite goes away by working out and eating healthy, remember that it is not truly gone, but waiting for you to slack off and start eating more junk food so it can rise back underneath your skin. We don’t want to see “Cellulite 2: Return of the Fat.”



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